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Ea - ActronAir SRA153C-SRG151E - 3
Ea - ActronAir SRA153C-SRG151E - 3
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This air conditioning unit is a Three Phase ActronAir ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system. It has a Maximum Capacity of 15.27kw Cooling and a Maximum Capacity of 14.45kw Heating. The Fan Coil unit has a maximum air flow of 880L/s. ActronAir ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems are some of the most efficient and quietest on the Australian market. ActronAir ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems are quality and simplicity at its best! This ActronAir ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is capable of doing approximately 95 square metres simultaneously.

OUR PRICE = $5,311.00


RETURN AIR PLENUMS - PL13R-2/35S (2 x 350mm Spigots)

SUPPLY AIR PLENUMS - 2 way - PL18S-2/35S (2 x 350mm Spigots), PL20S-2/40S (2 x 400mm Spigots) SUPPLY AIR PLENUMS - 3 way - PL13S-3/30S (3 x 300mm Spigots), PL18S-3/35S (3 x 350mm Spigots) SUPPLY AIR PLENUMS - 3 Way - PL20S-3/3SPS (2 x 350mm Spigots & 1 x 400m Spigot) PLENUMS LISTED UNDER ACTRONAIR ACCESSORIES
Indoor Unit Dimensions D x H x W 615mm x 412mm x 1090mm
Outdoor Unit Dimensions D x H x W 580mm x 990mm x 1320mm
Total Capacity - Cooling / Heating 15.27kw / 14.45kw
Star Rating - Cool / Heat 4 Stars - 4.5 Stars
Energy Efficiency Ratio - (E.E.R. = Nett Capacity Cooling Divided By Input Power Cooling) 3.45
Coefficient Of Performance - (C.O.P. = Nett Capacity Heating Divided By Input Power Heating) 3.66
Airflow L/s - Min / Nom / Max 690 / 770 / 880
Outdoor Sound Pressure Level - Low Fan 50 db(A)
Outdoor Sound Pressure Level - High Fan 52 db(A)
Piping Sizes 3/8 Inch x 3/4 Inch
Recommended Circuit Breaker Size By Actron Air Three Phase - 20amp
Features Benefits
Vertical Discharge Condenser Prevents Discharged Air From Recirculating
Quiet Outdoor Unit Happy Neighbours
Allows 2 Controllers & Up To 8 Zones Fully Intergrated No Extra Switches For Zones With 2 Controllers Giving Flexibility
Built-in Condensate Drain Safety Tray Improved Condensate Run Off
Australian Designed & Manufactured Designed To Cope Easily With Australian Humidity Levels
Optional 2 Piece Fan Coil (Additional Cost) Allows For Installations In The Smallest Roof Spaces
Optional Vertical Discharge Fan Coil (Additional Cost) Fan Coils Can Be Installed In Cupboards Or Plant Rooms With Ease
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